"Stepping away from the classroom, Wert turns to his musical side career as a means to tour the country with his family and engage teachers, parents, and audiences in a conversation about the current state of Special Education. As opportunities arise, Konrad must decide how his service is most effective- as an advocating artist or as a teacher in the classroom."  - Milk Products Media

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                               A series of FREE public festivals of film, music, and art by students 23 and under.  Big Seed provides a medium for youth throughout the Texas Hill Country to explore and develop their artistic passion. Big Seed events include musical performance, film presentations, educational workshops, and art displays in rotating venues that broaden artist exposure to expanded audiences and opportunities. 

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For all things related to Special Education Advocacy and Consultation, please do reach out via ppjrecords@gmail.com.  You are the BEST advocate for your child or family member and we are here to help under the accordance

of IDEA and FAPE.  

Photo by George L. Blosser


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