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"Wert is returning with a new album, As We Go Wandering, (due January 31, 2020), bringing a rejuvenated voice to Possessed By Paul James. Where There Will Be Nights was crying out on behalf of the dilemmas faced by families, students, and teachers nationwide, As We Go Wandering brings a sense of peace. But as the title suggests, in Possessed By Paul James’ estimation, perhaps counterintuitively, peace, rest, and movement dance hand in hand."

- Hearth Music Group

LP & CD pre-orders are now available and will begin shipping Jan. 31st our release date for AS WE GO WANDERING.  Many thanks on your purchase, it's greatly appreciated.

Fox & the fiddle 


White print on black unisex Tee

Smokey fiddle


Multi print on bluish grey Tee

Two thumbs up


White print on black

Smokey fiddle 

Poster 11X17


* Additional merch. coming shortly i.e. stickers, past albums, additional designs, etc. 

* Shipping cost included on domestic orders/international shipping will have additional cost based on location.


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