Press Release:

Press release is out, and we begin to build buzz and interest for the upcoming album.  We have our test LP's with us now, spinning the vinyl for a good listen before final pressing.  We're getting eager to share these songs this coming Winter.  It is indeed an album to warm the heart and mind on a cold night. 

"This tension of justice and peace, rest and movement, unity and self-expression are at the heart of Possessed By Paul James’ music and performances." - hearth music group

Photo by George L. Blosser

News 2/14/20:

"Once again many thanks music listeners and friends!  We are extremly thankful that our new album 'as we go wandering' has struck a chord on billbaord charts, americana charts, & radio waves. We'll begin heavier touring come the spring & as summer is right around the corner we'll be returning to Holland, France, Germany, & Belgium. then summer touring here in the states via west coast & central. cheers friends!"

NEWS 8/7/20:

"Good golly miss molly, friends the sky has been falling for some time I tell you what.  But somehow we continue to carry on.   Regardless, we stay the course, share compassion, social distance, and advocate for something better both locally and nationally.  Gang we continue to write, stream, and network in our little hub of the world, Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.  Be well, take care, and hope to see ya down the way."   

New album AS WE GO WANDERING charts 

#5 on Billboard Magazine under Country/Bluegrass