Press Release:

Press release is out, and we begin to build buzz and interest for the upcoming album.  We have our test LP's with us now, spinning the vinyl for a good listen before final pressing.  We're getting eager to share these songs this coming Winter.  It is indeed an album to warm the heart and mind on a cold night. 

"This tension of justice and peace, rest and movement, unity and self-expression are at the heart of Possessed By Paul James’ music and performances." - hearth music group

Photo by George L. Blosser

Update August 3rd 2021:

 "Here in Central Texas time continues to pass along friends.  With the new school year approaching, I've opted to take a year off from education to play music while we give some time for our next step as a family.  These days bring about a good bit of pondering, in regard to where, what, & why.  Though I will most likely return to teaching the following year, right now it feels best to pick, write, & share with hopes of a new album coming in 2022.  The themes continue to surround the 'wandering' of life and its' breaking points.  Songs such as 'See You on Sunday', 'Wasted Too Much Time', & 'Fell So Hard' bring about melodies, hooks, and refrains that feel both welcoming and promising.  Ya'll take care and hope to see ya along the road or in some far off virtual landscape."  Peace to ya - Konrad & Family 

New album AS WE GO WANDERING charts 

#5 on Billboard Magazine under Country/Bluegrass