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Many thanks to our sponsors and networks of support.  It is greatly appreciated and daily recognized:


We've been working hard finishing up recordings, mixings, and production for the upcoming album release

AS WE GO WANDERING here in January 2020. Stay tuned for single and video release here in late Fall. 

WHEN IT BREAKS screenings continue

across the country via Todd Tue and

Milk Products Media. If interested do

reach out and they'll make it to your

town folks. We continue to work within the classroom and among the community while performing and sharing as time allows. Good on ya!


Booking -


Personal email -




Merch/Tour Update:

We're working with some great artists for a new line of shirts, posters,  & stickers upon the January release, so keep them eyes open.

Shows continue into 2020 through out the school year. Summer talk could very well be bringing us back to Europe and as far east as Bulgaria. We shall see friends. Give a hoot or holler as needed. 

Photo by George L. Blosser

"Playing To The Rafters, Singing Like A Man Possessed"

- Interview and Performance on NPR Weekend Edition