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After 20 plus years working within the realms of special education & advocacy work, Konrad Wert known as the band Possessed by Paul James, continues the balance with yet another upcoming album while in the classroom. Continuing to raise a family in Texas & working a 50 hr work week within public education, Wert has still been able to release 5 full length albums, two of which topped Bluegrass Billboard charts in 2013 & 2020. Possessed by Paul James’s upcoming 6th album, titled Fighting For Our Own Survival, set to release "sooner than later" highlights life’s passage with such tracks as See You On Sunday; recorded live here with WAF in Laramie, Wyoming & accompanied by Joe Macheret on fiddle.

*Fighting For Our Own Survival - Release Date June 16th 2023*


Fighting For Our Own Survival - Release here in June 2023 friends. Due to the challenges with our boy's health, it felt best to take less time in promoting the album, and rather share it directly to listeners and friends. Music for us has always been a functional outlet.  Be it paying for groceries or lifting the spirit, music serves purpose.  This album (12 new studio tracks) was written in the time of the pandemic, in the midst of losing close family (Father, Father In Law, Godmother) and numerous friends. Life has been hard, but there continues to be much to be thankful for. We appreciate your support and listening ear.  All the best friends, sincerely - Konrad 

Fighting For Our Own Survival -
'23 New Release Available on All Platforms

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